Water Adventures

Discover the wonder of water in Crystal River, Florida

Crystal River and Florida’s Citrus County are defined by water like few other places in the world. Set on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and famous for its sparking blue natural springs, it is a spectacular world of spring-fed rivers, manatee filled bays, and a chain of lakes you’ll never forget.

Incredible Springs

Springs occur throughout Florida, but only rarely do they approach the Gulf of Mexico. That’s what makes the springs of Florida’s Citrus County unique. Each winter, hundreds of Florida Manatees return from the Gulf seeking the spring’s warm waters as a shelter from the cold. These springs are incredible enough just as they are, but when graced by the presence of hundreds of manatees, they are truly a sight to behold.

Kings Bay

Kings Bay in the City of Crystal River is a miracle of nature. Fed by more than 70 springs, it is home to Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge and the Kings Bay Manatee Refuge. As many as 800 manatees shelter in its warm waters each winter.

Water Activities
manatees in clear water

Manatee Capital of The World

girl snorkeling for scallops

Scalloping in Summertime

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Hooked on Florida Fishing

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So Many Places to Float Your Boat, so Many Different Kinds of Water.

Breathtaking – the Springs of Citrus County.

A New World of Beauty

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