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Manatee Authority - Crystal River, FL

Crystal River is the Manatee Capital of the World and is home to the only National Wildlife Refuge in the United States specifically created to protect habitats for Florida’s beloved official marine animal.

Caring for Manatees
manatee swimming underwater

Crystal River is known as the Manatee Capital of the World for the hundreds of manatees who gravitate there in the colder months — from mid-November through the end of March — to bask in the warm...

swimming with the manatees

Welcome to the Manatee Capital of The World! Let an experienced guide take you through the crystal clear waters of our local springs where you can swim alongside these gentle giants!

Restoring the native ecosystem has many benefits including feeding our favorite floating friend, the West Indian Manatee. Local, grassroots, organization Save Crystal River is successfully restoring...

Manatees, those lovable sea cows that gravitate to the warm water in Kings Bay and Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River as the temperature drops, are unique creatures with fascinating lives. Get to...

Manatees are docile creatures that gravitate to Crystal River, Florida, to soak in the warm spring-fed waters of Kings Bay and Three Sisters Springs.

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