Crystal River NWR & Kings Bay Manatee Refuge

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Kings Bay is a first magnitude Florida Springs Complex with over 70 springs pumping out 600 million gallons of freshwater per day from the Florida aquifer.  Major springs include King Spring, Tarpon Spring, Three Sisters Springs, Idiots Delight, Hunter Spring, Jurassic Spring & House Spring.

The Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge consists of 20 islands in and around Kings Bay.  The 80-acre refuge (only accessible by boat) was established in 1983, to protect the West Indian Manatee.  In 2012, Kings Bay was designated a Manatee Protection Area called the Kings Bay Manatee Refuge.  The Refuge is maintained by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.   The headquarters and visitor center for the Refuge are located at 1502 SE King Bay Drive in Crystal River.