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Waterfront Adventures; Swimming with the Manatees

Waterfront Adventures is the #1 customized manatee tour located at King's Bay in Crystal River, Florida. Our tours lets you swim with the gentle sea creatures along the warm Nature Coast waters.

Waterfront Adventures: Swimming With The Manatees in Crystal River, FL offers guided tours to watch and even swim with the humble and lovable manatees, an endangered species and marine animal of Florida that hangs around in groups. Crystal River is home to hundreds of manatees swimming together, especially in the blue springs. The tour packages start from $45 per person, and eco-tours are also available.

In addition to manatee tours, Waterfront Adventures offers boating trips to the famous Crystal River blue springs and other attractions like snorkeling and kayaking. Tourists can also visit manatee sanctuaries, go hiking in the nature reserves or try the Citrus County biking trails. Swimming with manatees is a safe and unforgettable experience for all ages, and Waterfront Adventures expert team ensures an enjoyable time exploring Crystal River's breathtaking aquatic life. Book a tour today for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Florida!

  • 704 NW 6th St
  • Crystal River, Florida 34428
  • 866-570-7946
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