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Crystal River Lullaby

Our location, in St. Martins Marsh Aquatic Preserve near Crystal River, Florida, offers a unique escape to travelers. We're in the heart of the Ozello area, where the Black Creek kisses the shores of our private island, connected by a short bridge to the mainland. The result, a waterfront oasis surrounded by nature.

Our Bed and Breakfast thematic rooms were inspired by music. Every detail was created to enhance the guests' experience, from our name Crystal River Lullaby Bed & Breakfast to our four luxury guest rooms: Tango Music Suite, Classical Music Suite, Country Music Suite, and Celtic Music Suite. Sleep deeply on comfortable mattresses with luxurious "Comphy" sheets. Awaken to the wonderful smells of a gluten-free gourmet breakfast included with your stay.
  • 14085 W. St. Martins Rd
  • Crystal River, Florida 34429
  • (407) 690-6739
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