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Summer Fun for the Whole Family

Your guide to scalloping in Citrus County, FL

There is nothing better than coming home from a vacation knowing that your family has made memories that will last a lifetime. Reflecting on your early morning views of the river, a scenic boat ride where you caught a glimpse of a manatee lingering after their inshore season has ended, you remember how your day began pretty close to perfectly, or as close to perfect as any parent could reasonably hope!

As you floated in the shallow waters, searching the sea grass beds for the tiny glints of the blue eyes that line the scallops shell, you can hear your children calling to each other in excitement as they get one step closer to filling their bag. Time always flies when you’re having fun, but as the day comes to a close, you’re excited to bring your catch to a local restaurant where the chef can turn your hard work into a delicious dinner.

These are the kind of experiences that families tell stories about for years to come. They don’t have to be perfect (a family vacation almost never is, just ask Clark Griswold), but they do have to mean something. The scalloping season begins July 1st and runs through September 24th so, if this sounds like the type of trip you have been looking for, then check out Crystal River and Homosassa this summer!

Here are a couple things to consider for your trip:

Guides VS Self-Guided

Visitors have two options when coming to Citrus County to go scallop hunting: Bring a boat of your own or hire an experienced guide. While captaining your own boat has some advantages, such as the freedom to hit the water and head home on your own schedule, having a guide has its own list of advantages. Some of the perks of booking with a captain are, their knowledge of the areas scalloping grounds help them find the perfect spots and those who book with a captain will not need to purchase a saltwater fishing license for themselves.

cooked scallops

Cook Your Catch

The unique experiences don’t have to end when you leave the water, there are many local restaurants who will cook your catch for you! This way you can enjoy the spoils of your day spent hunting for scallops, without the hassle of preparing them yourself, or worrying about the clean up! Local chefs are experts in creating flavorful scallop dishes that are sure to delight. Just be sure to call ahead to one of our participating restaurants before bringing in your catch.

We would love to host you here in the beautiful cities of Crystal River and Homosassa for your scalloping adventure! Charters and lodging book up quickly during the season, so be sure to check out our website listings for captains and accommodations soon!


Jodi Sanders
Media and Content Manager