Coyotes, Nature Coast Lecture Series

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January 14, 2020 @ 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

The Friends of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Inc. presents its monthly FREE lecture on "Coyotes".

Coyotes have naturally migrated across the southeastern United States, and may be filling the habitat niche formerly occupied by red wolves, which were hunted to near extinction. Today, except for bears and bobcats, they are the only large carnivore to persist in most of the state, including farmland, developed, and suburban regions.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Biologist Angeline Scotten will discuss basic biological facts, coyote behavior, preventing conflicts, and protecting pets. Ms. Scotten will provide recommendations for people living in a landscape populated with coyotes, as they are here to stay.

Lecture is FREE to the public and Q&A is encouraged.

Ticket Info
  • Free
  • Coastal Regions LIbrary
  • 8619 W Crystal Street
  • Crystal River, FL 34428
  • (352) 795-3716